Dirty Dog Southern Smokehouse @ Manifesto Anděl Menu

    • On a Plate

      Served with apple coleslaw, pickles, jalapeños, and one side dish of your choice

    • Baby back pork ribs

      Baby back pork ribs

      Half rack 345
      Whole rack 545

      Slow-smoked Kansas City-style pork ribs

    • Fried chicken

      Fried chicken


      Free range chicken leg and thigh marinated overnight in buttermilk with our blend of herbs and spices and fried to delicious golden brown. Substitute breast for 25 Kc.

    • Pulled Pork

      Pulled Pork


      Pork butt smoked low and slow. for 16 hours and tossed in our BBQ sauce

    • On a Bun

      Served on a soft potato bun from Mansson's Bakery

    • Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

      Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich


      Buttermilk fried chicken breast tossed in buttery cayenne pepper sauce with pickles, melted cheddar and blue cheese dressing

    • Pulled Pork Sandwich

      Pulled Pork Sandwich


      Slow-smoked pork shoulder mixed with our BBQ sauced with apple coleslaw and pickles

    • Shroom Boom


      Smoked portobello mushrooms, coleslaw, melted cheddar, onions and BBQ sauce

    • Smokey & The Burger

      Smokey & The Burger


      Smoked and seared beef patty, cheddar, BBQ sauce, bacon, caramelized onions, pickles and mayo

    • Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich

      Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich


      Buttermilk fried chicken breast, pickles, Ranch dressing, BBQ sauce and melted cheddar

    • Specialities

    • Chicken & Waffles


      Chicken thigh or breast marinated overnight in buttermilk, garlic and herbs then fried to delicious golden brown and served on a cheddar-bacon cornbread waffle with chipotle honey and Ranch dressing

    • DD Chopped Salad


      Mixed greens, fresh avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onion, sweet potatoes, beans, sweetcorn, and Ranch dressing. Topped with your choice of fried chicken, Cajun grilled shrimp, or roasted portobello mushrooms

    • Loaded Mac & Cheese


      Your choice of pulled pork or Cajun grilled shrimp mixed with our 4-cheese mac & cheese and baked with a panko-brown butter crust

    • Redneck Threesome


      Sharing platter for 2-3 people: ribs, pulled pork, fried chicken, 4 sides and 3 sauces

    • Snacks Andel

    • BBQ Cheesy Fries


      A bowl of fries topped with pulled pork, cheddar sauce, chipotle mayo, BBQ sauce and jalapeños

    • Cajun Popcorn Shrimp

      Cajun Popcorn Shrimp


      Crispy fried shrimp (14 pcs.) tossed in Cajun spices, served with chipotle mayo and fresh lime

    • Pitboss Wings

      6 pcs. 165
      12 pcs. 275

      Smoked and fried chicken wings tossed in our garlic Buffalo sauce, served with blue cheese dressing

    • Slider Trio


      Three adorable miniburgers: Pulled Pork, Southern Fried Chicken, Smokey & The Burger

    • Sides Andel

    • Apple Coleslaw

    • Corn on the Cob


      with garlic butter

    • Fries


      with Ranch dressing

    • Grilled Broccoli

    • Mac & Cheese

    • Sweet Potato Fries


      with Ranch dressing