Thanksgiving 2021

Like the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, our favorite holiday ever is about to make landfall! And just like the Indians did for our forefathers, we’re gonna feed you until you can’t even button your sweatpants.🤤

What are we cooking up this year?
•Butter-roasted turkey with apple cider gravy
•Cranberry sauce with a touch of orange zest
•Sausage-apple stuffing
•Maple syrup glazed sweet potatoes
•Green beans with pork belly
•Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
•Dinner roll
•Pumpkin cheesecake

Price: 625 CZK/person

👉How does it work?

  • Join us for Thanksgiving dinner at either of our Manifesto Market locations (Florenc or Andel) from Thursday 25.11 through Saturday 27.11.
  • Prefer to stay warm and toasty at home? No problem. Order for delivery on Wolt, or pre-order at (until 23.11.) and we’ll have your food ready for pickup at Florenc or Andel. Let us know sooner rather than later, we’re only preparing a limited amount this year!