December is around the corner and Christmas present shopping time is coming at us hard and fast! If you really want to make your friends happy this year, don’t buy them socks, buy them food. ❤️ What better way to express your passionate love and devotion than with a gift certificate for mountains of BBQ?

Pick your poison:

❄️ Christmas Threesome for two ❄️

The lucky (and hungry) recipient of this voucher gets our famous Redneck Threesome tasting menu (3 meats, 4 sides, and lots of sauces) plus two of our DD beers. Maybe they’ll even invite you along, or maybe they’ll do it Joey-style (who, we all know, DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!).

❄️I didn’t wanna just give you cash, but…❄️

The second option is a voucher for 500,- or 1000,- CZK.

This is great for somebody who hates pork or loves bread and wants a burger or sandwich instead.

How does it work?

📧 Email us your request to and we’ll send you payment information and a voucher in PDF format. It’s up to you if you want to print it or send it via online Santa Claus🎄Easy peasy.

Vouchers are valid until the end of 2023 at Dirty Dog Barbeque @ Manifesto Market Anděl.

They are not valid for delivery.