Dirty Dog Anděl

Manifesto Market

Stroupežnického 6, Praha 5
Open Every Day 11am-10pm
No reservations but plenty of seats

Dirty Dog Berlin

Manifesto Market Potsdamer Platz

Alte Potsdamer Platz 7, Berlin

New Dirty Dog Prague


Menu Highlights

  • BBQ Plate
    Ribs, pulled pork, or fried chicken w/ coleslaw and your choice of side dish.
  • Fried Chicken Sandwich
    with coleslaw, cheddar sauce, BBQ and pickles OR 🌶Buffalo style with blue cheese.
  • Smash Burger
    Single, double, or triple, with American cheese, pickles, and special sauce.
  • Loaded Cheesy Fries
    Waffle fries swimming in cheddar sauce and topped with pulled pork, chipotle mayo, and jalapenos.

  • Redneck Threesome
    Three meats, four sides, lots of sauces. Sharing is caring unless you’re, like, really hungry.
  • Smokey & The Burger
    Prague’s only smoked cheeseburger. Very much the un-smash burger.
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
    There’s a reason it’s the classic.
  • Pitboss Wings
    Smoked and fried chicken wings tossed in our homemade garlic Buffalo sauce.


Bring the smokey, sticky flavors of real American BBQ to your next event!

Whether it’s a birthday party for 20 of your buddies, a company party for 100 colleagues, a wedding for 200 of your “closest” friends, or a film shoot for 500 hungry crew members, bring on something new and different for your next event. We’ll sweat the details so that you can enjoy the party!